iPhone Game Development – 5 Great iPhone Games For Toddlers

While pediatricians insist that kids ought to no longer be uncovered to technology at an early age, each figure is aware of that it is difficult to hold children faraway from the iPhone. Any quantity of ‘screen time’ can harm the growth of youngsters underneath the age of two, but it isn’t easy to stop older kids from playing with iPhones. The excellent you may do is restrict the amount of time they spend on such gadgets; additionally, you could download video games in particular made for infants UFABET.

Children older than three years can effortlessly draw close the touch-based iPhone UI, and desirable iPhone video games can help the kids analyze extra about the world surrounding them. As a determine, you should make certain that your kids do no longer spend too lengthy playing games at the iPhone. But in case you are going to allow them to play video games on the iPhone, you can do worse than down load the following titles:

1. Old MacDonald

iPhone recreation development for babies doesn’t get better than this. Old MacDonald is a conventional; it is greater of an lively book with pages of interactive pictures and pics. Old MacDonald is made specifically for children who’re gaining knowledge of a way to examine. It suits sounds, photos and words to assist youngsters advantage a better knowledge of the sector they stay in.

2. Animal Memory Match

There are a number of memory tiles and playing cards with animal photos and animal names. The gamers need to match the animal names with the snap shots. When they make a match, they’re rewarded with humorous sounds. You can transfer among easy and difficult degrees consistent with the age and intelligence of the children.

3. Cute Math

Not many kids love Math, but most infants like gambling games. Cute Math uses animation and distinct visuals to train the principles of addition and subtraction to toddlers. The iPhone game developer who created this sport designed it specifically for extremely young kids, and kids gambling this sport will instinctively analyze addition and subtraction.

Four. Pickin’ Time

This sport indicates that iPhone sport development has come of age. Your toddler will recognize all of the exclusive greens through sight as soon as he has played this recreation for some time. The sport is quite simple and but very thrilling: the participant chooses on vegetable, after which a number of fast-fire snap shots of vegetables flit across the display screen. Your kid wishes to faucet the display screen quickly when he sees his vegetable!

5. Vicky

iPhone game development for toddlers isn’t always just about education: there are numerous games which are clearly a laugh. Vicky is that type of a game. Vicky is a shy and small kid who desires to galvanize his father who’s a strong Viking chief. Vicky is touring on a deliver, and he protects the ship from awful men via flinging them overboard!

Earn Money Online Free: Why Internet Marketing Training Is Key to Any Online Success

In order to earn money online free sometimes just doesn’t happen until certain measures and steps are taken first that when done then and only then will you see the benefits of earning free income. For example, list building. Once a list is created, over a little time, on a particular subject you can afterwards expect to be able to mail relevant offers and deals via emails to the list thus earning money without having to buy traffic, place ads, write articles to do so. This is free money to you because you bared no expense to reach a relevant audience for which the list was created. frases mas inspiradoras

Sometimes to earn money online free certain preparations and steps need to take place first. After these things are done then and only then will you see the chances and get the opportunity for benefits of earning free income. For example, list building. Once a list is created, over a little time, on a particular subject you can afterwards expect to be able to mail relevant offers and deals via emails to the list thus earning money without having to buy traffic, place ads, write articles or hire out to do so. This is free money to you because you bared no expense to reach a relevant audience for which the list was created.

Internet marketing the roaring beast on unlocking the secret to how to earn money online free. You know That much of what people do in life they were taught right? Well if you really expect to earn money online you’ll have to learn some things. The things that you’ll learn will give you the ability to market online without being at the mercy of others. You know what others right? The ones that you have to pay monthly fees, one time fees, semi weekly fees, yearly fees to, you get the picture, in order to get your site seen or to where it can be seen.

But that’s not all to it. Learning the ropes to internet marketing can be very liberating. It can equipt you the marketer with all the necessary tools you’ll need that’ll put you in complete control. Learning everything from how to design your web business to marketing it will greatly increase your chances of earning money online for free. Paying a small monthly fee in order to get affiliated with the expert training you’ll require is a mere drop in a bucket compared to what you’ll spend overall in paying different companies for services like Ad copy, Web design, Web promotion and SEO and more.

The draw back in paying other companies for these services are obvious. For one you’ll absolutely ruin your chances to earn money online for free right off the top! You’re constantly at the mercy of these services in terms of getting things done the way you want and how fast you want them done. Having control of every instance or as much of your own marketing for your business can mean faster growth.

Knowing how to do things like providing Content, Design and Promotion for your website, product or service means great search engine positioning for quick results. Proper targeting for connecting with intended audiences and endless web traffic to only people interested in the product or service you’re selling for more effective sales.

The data bases you’ll be building via opt-ins allow for the best chances of, not only to earn money online for free, but for building meaningful relationships as well. If maintained correctly meaningful relationships with your lists can mean loyal repeat business over and over again.

Ultimately the best opportunity’s to earn money online free increase with your direct knowledge of SEO, Affiliate marketing, Advertising online, Blogs, Web design, Social Media, Social Bookmarks, Press releases, Online profiles, PPC, CPC, CPA, Joint ventures, List building and much more. It may seem overwhelming but while all of these things can mean the difference between having a thriving web business or a failing one, they can all be simple enough to learn and apply.


The Revolution in Online Trading and Investing

It’s no coincidence that among 2008 and 2010, person investors pulled greater than $400 billion out of full-service brokerage money owed and positioned that money to paintings in cut price brokerage bills instead. This new trend towards self-directed, online making an investment is a completely unique phenomenon from the day-buying and selling mania of the past due Nineteen Nineties. That turned into a fad pushed by the frenzy for tech shares, and it resulted in disaster. The tech stock speculators of that generation nonetheless have not recovered their money. But the self-directed traders of nowadays are a specific story. They’ve made a rational selection to take charge of their personal investments rather than paying a small fortune to have someone else do it for them-a person whose financial interests may not be the same as the ones of their clients.

The trend toward online trading and investing has been helped alongside, of direction, via the availability of factors like cell investment apps and consumer-pleasant stock tracking software. The riding force, but, is not customers’ love of recent generation however alternatively a preference to take manipulate in their very own price range. Indeed, the pull of do-it-your self, self-directed on line buying and selling and investing is so strong that Merrill Lynch, the most important call in full-service brokerage, recently threw up its fingers and unfolded a reduction operation of its personal.

If humans are having second mind approximately complete-carrier Wall Street brokerages, they are not feeling lots better approximately mutual price range, with the heavy control and advertising costs many of them impose. Mutual fund businesses are imaginitive in relation to selecting facts that show their effects in a high-quality mild. What they can not hide, but, is the fact that most of them underperform the marketplace as an entire. They don’t carry out similar to the overall market; they carry out worse, in large part due to the ones onerous charges that maximum of them charge.

best investment apps

Some humans argue for making an investment in low-rate, passive index mutual budget, which assure results which are only barely worse than the marketplace as a whole. Passive index budget would possibly a better choice than actively managed price range that rate excessive prices for mediocre overall performance. Even so, in modern fast-paced business surroundings, in which businesses and even industries can grow to be previous nearly in a single day, passive investing is infrequently a great way to the wishes of ordinary traders.

Are there higher answers to hand? Indeed there are. By making an investment a little time and effort and harnessing the generous array of equipment and records now available to everyone on line-at little or no price-buyers can learn to do for themselves what many pricey inventory brokers do not do at the customers’ behalf. They can expand a scientific technique for identifying the stock market’s myriad opportunities, and they could pursue the ones opportunities with a disciplined eye closer to securing their personal monetary futures.

Personal Loans With Bad Credit – An Effective Option in Consolidating Debt

There become a time whilst advisers would warn people that need to their credit rankings fall too low, that the path to a non-public loan might be efficaciously bricked up for accurate. This isn’t truly the case. The financial realities of recent years dictates that even those with low rankings are entitled to a mortgage, although the non-public loans with awful credit score on offer do come on less favorable terms.

make this your guaranteed payday by using long term personal installment loans from slickcashloan.com

That reality is somewhat comprehensible, of course, given that the lenders offering private loans for people with terrible credit score are sincerely taking a larger danger than if the candidates had a perfect credit history.

Nevertheless, the provision of loans for personal use, now not for a truely defined reason, is some thing of a relief to those involved. With that during mind, most are pretty happy to accept the possibility and to use it wisely to get again on monetary track.

This is some thing lenders consider. After all, most people have determined themselves in difficult situations via no fault of their personal, with the marketplace the offender, and lenders recognize this truth.

To say that personal loans with awful credit haven’t any set purpose isn’t always completely correct. These loans are typically used to consolidate current money owed.

In that sense, marketing non-public loans for people with horrific credit score is a strategic move by way of lenders to get better their very own share of a faltering financial system. And while they’ll be loans for non-public use, the reasons for an application are usually surely understood. Basically, they could alleviate the general debt.

Credit Card Debt

A personal mortgage with awful credit score is particularly useful when looking to clear a fairly huge debt in a single cross. A perfect example of this is credit score card debt, with one credit card on my own possibly walking as much as $10,000 in debt. As we all recognise, the problem with credit score playing cards is that the interest rate can get worse the scenario, mounting up stress right away.

A loan huge enough to clean the credit card debt in one swoop is ideal, and personal loans for those with horrific credit are the most effective choice. Banks can be happy to offer loans for personal use, if the personal use is to clean a credit card debt. However, on line lenders do generally tend to offer the pleasant deals.

Overdue Bills

The pressures of preserving up to date on family bills, like electricity bills as an example, can become an excessive amount of. A non-public loan with horrific credit score could be what is needed to get on pinnacle of factors once more. These tend to be a great deal less than the kind of money owed that construct with credit cards, with perhaps $5,000 or $6,000 sufficient to clean the mixed expenses of power, phone and people general extras that come with running a home.

This is where loans for personal use are most apt, as it is able to cover practically whatever. With that during mind, personal loans for those with terrible credit score are absolutely the right solution to the trouble.

Other Loans

Finally, any loans which could had been taken out earlier than the disaster hit, nonetheless want to be repaid. This can mean a very massive private mortgage with horrific credit score is needed.

Perhaps, between a home development mortgage, an automobile loan and an fantastic personal mortgage, as an awful lot as $100,000 is owed. The payments for all three can be $2,500 or more per month. If a mortgage can be secured to clear that debt, and feature payments of less than $2,500, then progress may be made.

An Outline of Personal and Business Loan Categories and Their Uses

The number of loan products have increased over the past 20 years as economic necessity and a demanding public in need of specialization to solve financial circumstances. From personal loans, educational loans, business loans and even municipal loans. The entities that took part in the creation of the various financial products are actuaries, risk management professionals, “information and informatic engineers” and Wall Street amongst others. It was necessary to create, enhance or break down for better or for worse loan services and products to keep money fluid in a diverse marketplace that required funds to address niche demographics. go to this website to apply for long term personal installment guaranteed loans online

  • Personal Loans

Signature Loans – A signature loan is just as it sounds. One applies for a loan and gives a signature on a promissory note to repay the loan in a certain amount of time. That amount of time is called a “loan term ” and may be from six months to five years. Signature loans usually require good credit and the criteria for loan approval are mostly based on the borrower’s credit and and to a lesser degree on assets. Not all signature loans have the same parameters for qualifications. Some loans may require the borrower even with good credit to account for assets to show the lending institution for underwriting purposes. The institution may or may not place a lien on the assets but nevertheless wants to have documentation proving that there are indeed financial or physical assets owned by the borrower. Signature loans usually come with lower interest rates than other types of consumer loans like payday loans, credit card advances, title loans and some car loans. More on these topics later. Who are the lenders in signature loans? They range from large subsidiaries of auto manufacturers to banks, savings and loan institutions, finance companies and payday loan companies.

Credit Card Loans – Credit Card loans or cash advances from credit cards are another form of personal loans. These quick loans are more readily available to the general public and does not require a credit check. To obtain the initial card more than likely required a credit check or at least the process of identification for secured credit cards. Credit card loans or advances usually come with higher interest rates and also other fees for having access to the cash. Various entities allow access to the credit card cash advances from bank tellers, check cashing facilities and automated teller machines (ATMs). The fees vary based on source used to access the funds. To lower the fees for cash advances some use check cashing facilities to have the card charged and receive cash back in turn for not having to incur the fees of ATM machines as cards are assessed a fee twice; first by the ATM company and also their bank. The interest rates on credit card loans or advances are usually higher than signature loans. There are some states that have usury laws that have lower interest rates on credit cards. The loan or advance on a credit card is not a “term loan” as with most signature loans. It is more or less a line of credit the borrower has access to when they need it as long as there are funds available on the credit card. Interest on consumer loans are no longer tax deductible as in previous years. They were designed for short term borrowing needs but many have come to use their credit cards as a regular source of funds in tight economic times or between paychecks.

Wedding Loans – A relatively new form of loan to carve out a niche for the lending industry and meet the needs of the increasing costs of weddings is the Wedding Loan. Because of the expense of weddings which can range into six figures, it sometimes requires a personal loan or even a business loan of the families involved to provide a proper wedding. Wedding loans can be secured (using assets for collateral) or unsecured (signature loans) to obtain funds for the ever growing need to pay for the escalating wedding costs and all the various services and products that a successful matrimonial ceremony would need. The credit criteria and the term may vary based on the amount needed and financial status of the people involved.

Payday or Cash Advance Loans is a fast growing market because it usually requires the least of credit criteria used for loan approvals. One can have bad credit for a quick and instant loan. Just having proof of income, proof of identity and a checking account is all that is necessary to secure funds. Even today many have checking accounts without checks one can still obtain a cash advance by asking their bank to produce a one time check to give to the payday loan agency. Many payday loan companies and stores can get approval with no faxing of documents as they utilize other means for proof of income. Although payday loans come with very high annualized interest rates they sometimes are the only source of emergency cash loans for those in need.

Automotive, Motorcycle, RV (recreational vehicle) and Boat Loans – These personal consumer loans are usually not signature only loans but asset based loans. In other words a financial lien is placed against the asset to secure a loan to purchase or refinance the car, boat et al. These consumer loans may sometimes require a down payment of five to twenty-five percent to secure enjoyment and use of ownership. Because these are not funds that are already available as with credit cards they come with a “loan term” from one to six years depending on the choices of the consumer, the marketplace and the credit status. The interest rates can range from very low usually offered by manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, RV’s (recreational vehicles) and boats to very high if the borrower uses a credit card, a finance company or a “buy here – pay here” lender – or the car dealer who finances the purchase of the car by giving the borrower a term of months and years to pay the balance of the loan off.

  • Business Loans

SBA (Small Business Administration) Loans are loans that are given to small businesses which are not able to qualify for a loan from a financial institution for various reasons from lack of business history, lack of collateral to “secure” the loan or not having an adequate credit history. The SBA is not a direct lender but acts as an underwriter on behalf of the bank that funds the loan for the business entity. If the borrower defaults on the loan the SBA will pay the bank a percentage of the balance for taking the financial risk to loan the funds to the business. There are various types of SBA loans which will not be covered in this article but a future article will explain in more detail.

Conventional Business Loans are loans that are either unsecured meaning no asset is used to approve the loan or secured and called “asset based loans” where assets from inventory, equipment, accounts receivable or real estate are used for underwriting for loan approval. Conventional business loans are given to business entities that have great banking relationships, established business credit history with trade lines with other businesses they do business with and good standing with various credit reporting entities like Dun & Bradstreet. There are short term loans with interest only payments with the balance due at the end of the loan usually referred to as a “Balloon Loan”. There are also longer term loans that are fully amortized (principal and interest in each payment) paid over one to five years or more.

Equipment Leasing is a financial instrument which technically is not a loan. Meaning based on tax ramifications and who owns the equipment – leasing is just that – leasing an asset owned by another entity. Leases are usually from large corporations or a bank. The lease term can vary from one to five years or more and there usually are tax benefits to the business entity in leasing new or used equipment.

Equipment Sale Leaseback is a transaction to use equipment that is already owned by the business or municipal entity to secure funds for the present need for operations. The term can vary from one to five years and the amount of funds can vary based on credit history and a percentage of the fair market value of the equipment. The company then in turn leases the equipment back in usually a monthly payment. The company or the lessee normally has different choices on what they want to do with the equipment at the end of the term. They can roll the lease transaction into newer more updated equipment or software. They can buy the equipment for one dollar or ten percent of the fair market value of the equipment.More and more companies are leasing today as opposed to paying cash or using bank lines or loans.

Merchant Cash Advance is used by businesses that need fast cash and can’t qualify or don’t want to go through the process of getting bank approval for needed funds. A Merchant Cash Advance is also not a loan product but it is the selling of assets or credit card receipts at a discount. In other words the Merchant Cash Advance company buys the credit card receipts and then attaches a fee usually every time the business “batches”, settles or closes the day’s or week’s sales until the funds advanced are paid off. There is no term with merchant cash advances as it is not a loan so there is no set payment amount or period. The paying off of the advanced funds vary based on a the credit and debit card transactions of the day or week.

Factoring Accounts Receivable Invoices enables a business entity that normally has to wait 30 days or longer to be paid by other businesses or governmental entities. Again factoring is not technically a loan but a selling of invoices at a discount for cash now. In a typical transaction the company applies with a Factoring Company and the company looks primarily at the credit of the other business or governmental entity that the company is doing business with. Based on that as long as the client of the company is a solvent business or government agency the invoices are bought and funds are dispensed to the business usually within three days of due diligence on the company they are transacting business with. In other words the funds are dispensed after there is a credit check and processing of the other company. The dollar amount that is advanced can vary from fifty percent of the invoice to eighty or ninety percent depending on various factors such as the size of the invoice to the credit criteria of the other company or governmental entity whether it is a city, county, state or federal agency.

Medical Factoring is a financial transaction that benefits medical entities like hospitals, clinics and various health care professionals that have to wait to receive funds for services performed on patients. Like Factoring and Merchant Cash Advances Medical Factoring is the selling of assets in this case invoices for cash now. In many instances the health care industry receives payment from third party entities like insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare and state entities that provide funds for those in need of medical procedures. The medical facility or professional in turns sells the invoice(s) on a on going basis or one time for cash now. Once there is an interest is selling the receivables then a Factor steps into analyze the billing so that funds can be advanced. This process can vary in length but is usually shorter in length than the process of getting bank financing.

Contract and Purchase Order Funding allows companies to bid on large projects for governmental agencies, hospitals, universities, prison systems and municipalities or also to sell to larger corporations even if the business does not have the credit or bank approval or the wherewithal to service or fulfill a large contract order. Similar to Factoring which works hand in hand with Purchase Order Funding it is not a loan but a simultaneous transaction that involves advancing funds based on the credit of the governmental agency or larger company and the size of the contract. The funds that are advanced are for the cost in completing the order of products or performing services. So the profit that will be gained is not advanced but the costs as in raw and finished material, transportation, production, labor, expertise and any other costs involved in completing the contract. Once the contract is completed or once an invoice is ready to be sent to the client a factoring company which is sometimes owned by the same company buys the invoice at a discount and the funds that would normally be advanced to the company are usually used to settle the amount advanced for the material and other services that were needed to complete the order. Contract and Purchase Order Funding usually requires large transaction amounts as opposed to factoring that can be utilized for invoices as small as one hundred dollars. With the use of Contract and Purchase Order Funding companies that were locked out of the process of bidding on large contract s may become players in multi-million dollar deals.

Commercial Real Estate Sale Leasebacks are similar to Equipment Sale Leasebacks featured in this article. Instead of utilizing owned equipment to secure cash when bank borrowing is not wanted or not available the commercial real estate is used to access funds now. This can vary from office buildings, medical buildings, retail franchises, industrial buildings and manufacturing to large utility plants. This frees up cash “locked” away in real estate. Many entities find that at the present time the business they are in whether it is retail, manufacturing or another field that the holding of commercial real estate is not in their best financial interest for now. They prefer to put to use funds for their industry. So a retailer selling retails goods decides to focus on the retail operations and to lease the space because that real estate when factored into a myriad of calculations does not fit their financial goals during the present time. Yes the ownership of commercial real estate is an asset and can be used as a security for a loan but may also be viewed as a fixed non-performing entity that does not meet the needs of the business, organization, group or individual that owns the building. Commercial Real Estate Sale Leasebacks are another form of getting access to funds and has increased over the years.


AmericasDoctor.com Inc.

The on-line health information service started by Dr. Scott Rifkin, has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering. The company is seeking to raise $60 million in the IPO. Warburg Dillon is acting as lead underwriter for the offering. Scott Rifkin

As co-founder and CEO, Scott Rifkin oversees the operations of Mid-Atlantic Health Care’s 21 skilled nursing facilities. Under his leadership, Mid-Atlantic has developed partnerships with hospitals and skilled care providers to improve patient health outcomes and overall population health. This includes a focus on innovative strategies to reduce unnecessary re-hospitalizations and return patients to a home setting when possible.

Dr. Scott Rifkin, MD is an internal medicine specialist in Owings Mills, MD and has been practicing for 31 years. He graduated from George Washington U, School Of Medicine in 1985 and specializes in internal medicine.

Entrepreneur and physician Dr. Scott Rifkin, the co-founder and CEO of Mid-Atlantic Health Care LLC, has been named publisher of JMore, a magazine for the Jewish communities living in Baltimore and Howard counties. The magazine is a product of Maryland Jewish Media, a new multimedia company founded by Rifkin that offers the monthly magazine, a website (jmoreliving.com) and social media platforms that serves the Jewish community of the Baltimore metropolitan region. JMore is expected to have a full-time staff of nine as well as 20 freelance writers and reporters. Mid-Atlantic Health Care owns 21 skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

A recognized entrepreneur and innovator in healthcare, Scott Rifkin, MD, has more than 25 years of experience as a physician and healthcare executive. In addition to founding and serving as the Chairman of Provider Partners Health Care, he is the founder and managing partner of Mid-Atlantic Health Care (MAHC), a modern post-acute care company that owns and manages one of the largest nursing home chains in the region.

Provider Partners Health Plan provides Medicare insurance for skilled nursing patients. The company rewards operators who provide better care with improved revenue. Better care leads to lower hospital usage and lower costs. Operators that participate improve their care demonstrably.

Real Time Medical Systems provides an intuitive and simple to use platform for hospitals, insurers, and skilled nursing organizations allowing them to dramatically reduce hospitalizations. By using the daily data in the EMR we are able to find and address key interventional moments and truly prevent health problems. Our partners have seen 25 – 50% reductions in admissions to acute care. We now serve over 500 SNFs and health systems in the U.S.

Scott Rifkin is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and George Washington University School of Medicine.

Scott is also Founder and Chairman of the Board of Provider Partners Health Plan, Inc. (PPHP). PPHP creates and operates Advantage plans known as Institutional Special Needs Plans (ISNPs) in Maryland and PA; and Five Star Physician Services, LLC which provides high quality medical providers to post-acute and long-term care facilities.

Scott Rifkin also founded Real Time Medical Systems, a cutting edge provider of medical data mining software, and Five Star Physicians, which provides high quality healthcare providers to skilled nursing facilities. Scott Rifkin is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and George Washington University School of Medicine.

Scott is a member of the Board of Directors for the University of Maryland Medical System consisting of 10 hospitals. He was Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Mid-Atlantic Region) in 2017.

Scott Rifkin has more than 30 years of experience in the practice of internal medicine and clinical healthcare management. He earned his medical degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine, is certified in Internal Medicine and practiced medicine in Maryland for 20 years. In addition, Scott Rifkin served as the emergency medical director to numerous SNFs looking for assistance in various quality of care issues, and founded AmericasDoctor.com, which was sold to Essential Group, Inc.

The move, says Rifkin, managing partner of Mid-Atlantic Healthcare, is personal: he and his parents still live in the neighborhood surrounding North Oaks retirement community.

Scott Rifkin serves on the Board of the Baltimore Zoo, the Health Facilities Association of Maryland and the Pennsylvania Health Care Association.

Scott Rifkin was Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Mid-Atlantic Region) in 2017.

Since founding Mid-Atlantic Health Care in 2003, Scott Rifkin has founded three novel startups with ties to Mid-Atlantic Health Care. National Post-Acute Healthcare manages bundled payment programs and is an approved convener of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (“CMMI”)’s Model 3 Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Program (‘BPCI”). The company also creates and manages post-acute SNF networks for hospital systems. Five Star Physician Services employs 50 providers who provide services to skilled nursing facilities. Lastly, Real Time Medical Systems (RTMS) creates predictive analysis and decision support tools that provide data-driven, analytical insights to clinical decision makers and care providers — ensuring care improvements and financial gain for skilled nursing facilities.

Scott Rifkin was named a UMBC Outstanding Alumnus of the Year in 1995.

Scott Rifkin ’81, biological sciences, a physician and long-term care executive, was interviewed by the Baltimore Sun about his company’s acquisition of a retirement community in Pikesville.

Scott Rifkin is the the CEO and founder of Mid-Atantic Health Care, LLC, a nursing and rehabilitation provider in Maryland and Pennsylvania. In 2012, Rifkin lost a bidding war on Alter Communications, the publisher of The Baltimore Jewish Times and Style Magazine, to Route 95 Publications, LLC.

Scott Rifkin, MD, is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AmericasDoctor.com. Scott Rifkin founded AmericasDoctor.com in September 1998 when it became an anchor tenant on the America Online Health Channel (keyword: AmDoc). The AmericasDoctor.com Web site was launched in March 1999 and has since become one the most recognized health information destinations on the Internet. Scott Rifkin is a native of the Baltimore area where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Maryland’s Baltimore County Campus. He graduated from the George Washington University School of Medicine. Currently Scott Rifkin is the founder and Chairman of AmericasDoctor.com Inc. He is certified in Internal Medicine and has a private practice in Owings Mills, Maryland. Scott Rifkin has been named as a ‘Top Doc’ by Baltimore Magazine, serves on the editorial board of Physician Practice Digest, and is a frequent speaker at regional and national events.

Options Trading Strategies – Treat Implied Volatility of Calls Separate From the IV of Puts

The Implied Volatility (IV) of Calls needs separate treatment from the IV of Puts. Also, for specific options trading strategies treat the IV of both Puts and Calls as a combined bundle. mynordstrom.com

Each option at each strike implies its own individual percentage value of the underlying product’s future volatility. This makes it unique from any other option within the same chain of a given expiry month. The individuality of an option’s percentage value at each strike is what draws the “smile” in the IV’s Skew.

So, while an ITM Call has a corresponding OTM Put sharing the same strike, conversely an ITM Put has an OTM Call counterpart at the same strike, the Call must be treated uniquely as a Call and the Put uniquely as a Put. The more ITM an option becomes, its intrinsic value becomes higher and its extrinsic value is lowered. Conversely, at the same strikes where an ITM Call (or Put) gets deeper In The Money, the corresponding Put (or Call) becomes further OTM. The more OTM an option becomes, its extrinsic value rises higher and its intrinsic value is lowered. Even with ATM options, where the Call’s Delta is exactly 0.50 and the Put also has a Delta of exactly 0.50, the Implied Volatility on either side of that same ATM strike is different.

While Calls and Puts appear side-by-side for a given strike, they are not identical twins to simply trade places. Think of it this way, each option has its own Intrinsic-Extrinsic fingerprint that makes that Call or Put identifiable only to itself.

The logic for treating the Implied Volatility of Calls separate from the IV of Puts becomes obvious in the construction of specific spread types. Let’s break down the components making up the following spreads.

  • A Vertical Call, be it a Credit Vertical or a Debit Vertical only uses ALL Calls. No Puts are used in the spread’s construction.
  • A Back Ratio Call is typically done as a Debit spread. It is effectively Net Long an additional Call. The spread only uses ALL Calls. There are no Puts involved.
  • A Vertical Put, be it a Credit Vertical or a Debit Vertical only uses ALL Puts. There are no Calls involved.
  • A Back Ratio Put is typically done as a Debit spread. It is effectively Net Long an additional Put. The spread only uses ALL Puts. There are no Calls involved.
  • A Put Calendar is typically initiated for a small Debit. It only uses ALL Puts. A Call Calendar is comprised of Calls ONLY.

Now, let’s compare the above spreads with these other types of spreads.

  • An Iron Condor is typically constructed as a Credit spread. It uses BOTH Calls and Puts. Remember, a short Iron Condor is made up of a Credit Vertical Call combined with a Credit Vertical Put.
  • A Straddle/Strangle is typically constructed as a Debit spread. It combines BOTH a Call and a Put.

Clearly, there are more spreads that require the Implied Volatility to be differentiated between Calls versus Puts, compared to the use of a combined IV. So, in choosing a data provider of Implied Volatility, make sure you get the IV data of Calls that is set apart from the IV of Puts; as well as, data that combines the IV of Calls and Puts together. That means 3 sets of IV data in one service.

We have just established the structural logic for decoupling the IV of Calls from the IV of Puts. How do you apply this to a trade? Here’s how.

  • A long Vertical Call is a Debit spread. By definition of it being a negative Theta spread, also means it is a positive Vega trade. Positive Vega means the spread needs IV to rise. There is a need to forecast an increase in Implied Volatility within 30-60 days, specific to the IV of Calls for a long Vertical that expires between 90-120 days. The IV forecast must be specific to the traded product itself. Likewise, this technique is relevant for a Back Ratio Call. Apply the same logic for a Debit Vertical Put to the IV of Puts for that traded product and similarly for the Back Ratio Put. The variation of this is in a Straddle/Strangle, which is still a Debit spread, so there is still a need to forecast a rise in IV, except the IV combines both Call IV plus Put IV.
  • A short Vertical Call is a Credit spread. By definition of it being a positive Theta spread, also means it is a negative Vega trade. Negative Vega means the spread needs IV to fall. There is a need to forecast a decrease in Implied Volatility within 30 days, specific to the IV of Calls for a short Vertical that expires between 30-50 days. Again, the IV forecast must be specific to the traded product itself. The same logic applies to a credit Iron Condor. However, the relevant IV to forecast is the IV of Calls combined with the IV of Puts.
  • The Calendar requires unique treatment. Why? The short leg expires in a different month from the long leg. Due to this inter-month expiration in its construction, the Implied Volatility forecast requires a drop in the front month of its short leg but an IV rise in subsequent back months of the Calendar’s long leg. Remember, with a Calendar, if it is a Put Calendar, forecast only the IV of Puts. Similarly, if you construct a Call Calendar, only the forecast of the Call IV applies.

Is there a working example of a consistently profitable portfolio that treats Implied Volatility of Calls separate from the IV of Puts? Yes. Follow the link below, entitled “Consistent Results” to see a model retail option trader’s portfolio that applies this logic.To conclude, I’ll use an analogy. Though an egg comes in one shell, the yolk is separated from the white, for a different purpose that distinguishes the individual parts of that same egg. Treat Implied Volatility of an option’s anatomy in the same way.

Thanks for reading my article, Clinton Lee. Founder, Home Options Trading: a uniquely retail-focused option-centric trading firm.

Please see Consistent Results ([http://www.homeoptionstrading.com/consistent_results/]), displaying the Model Portfolio’s Performance YTD, updated each month-end. The portfolio models a typical self-directed retail option trader’s account up to USD $50,000. Here’s the stats in summary:

Return: Profit/Start of Year Cash Balance = 75.62%. Win/Loss Probability = 90.48%. 9 Wins per 1 Loss. Average Win/Average Loss = $3.09 Won per $1 Loss. Performance Ratio = (Win/Loss Probability) x (Average Win/Average Loss) = 90.48% x $3.09 = 2.80. Positive Expectancy = $1,051 per trade.


Trading For a Living, Using Stock Trading Signals

What are stock buying and selling signals? The solution goes to depend on who you ask.

For example dyed-in-the-wool contrarians would possibly believe that a stock trading signal to promote stocks is probably while Time Magazine runs a image of a bull on its cowl. A dyed-in-the-wool technical analyst however might also search for positive stochastic numbers on a 30 minute bar chart to suggest while to shop for a certain stock. And in the end a dyed-in-the-wool ‘fundamental’ investor may also don’t forget sure economic numbers of the underlying commercial enterprise to be a buying and selling sign.

So to this combination let me now upload what I suppose is a true and usable definition of a inventory buying and selling sign. Let me come up with an example of the type of signal I like.

Take any given inventory and take a look at all the every day bars for the beyond 10 days. Next subtract all of the highs from all of the lows to get all the each day stages for every of the ten each day bars after which calculate the common range for those ten days. Let’s call this AVERAGE DAILY RANGE. Next divide every each day variety via two to get the midpoint calculator for every day. Now locate the common midpoint for the 10 days. Let’s call this AVERAGE MIDPOINT. Next take one hundred twenty five % of the AVERAGE DAILY RANGE and add it to the AVERAGE MIDPOINT and that turns into our trading sign to buy the following day.

Thus we’ve created a signal using only two parameters, AVERAGE DAILY RANGE and AVERAGE MIDPOINT.

There are any numbers of ways to go out this trade, but again we need to hold it easy and restriction our parameters. For example we may additionally want to position a forestall loss at the common low and take profits on the common excessive plus 150% of the AVERAGE DAILY RANGE.

In any case I even have created trading indicators from the handiest thoughts of marketplace momentum principle and using the most restricted wide variety of parameters. And for this reason this little buying and selling machine will probable tame the randomness of quick term stock marketplace moves and it’ll probably make some cash.

But in this text I am not seeking to layout a trading gadget. What I need to do right here is virtually to demonstrate my ideas of what constitutes a legitimate trading signal. In my view a stock trading sign should embody the subsequent:

1) A inventory sign must be mathematical and specific in nature.
2) A inventory sign should be programmable right into a pc so the pc and no longer the trader can tune the applicable markets and alert the trader to while the trading signal has been hit. This permits the trader to diversify and to change many markets simultaneously.
Three) Finally the trading signal should be of such a nature that it is able to be examined in all styles of markets and in all varieties of marketplace environments to set up its accuracy and validity.

Used on this way objective inventory trading signals shape the spine of our buying and selling device improvement and come to be critical tools for worthwhile inventory buying and selling.

Short Term Stock Trading,is a completely unique actual time inventory trading site geared to all buyers and quick term buyers interested by high investment yields and restricted risks. Real time trades and some market commentary by “Trader Bob” are published at the least twice daily every marketplace day.

Robert or “Bob” Buran is author of the ebook, “How I Quit My Job and turned $6,000 Into a Half Million Trading.” He has been buying and selling and writing approximately markets for over 15 years.

Where to Find 2g iPhone Parts Online: By Skill Level

Where can you get 2g iPhone parts for an affordable fee when the one that you love iPhone breaks? That will largely depend on your competencies in terms of electronics repair. There are essentially human beings on a scale of 1 to five on the subject of iPhone fixing, with ‘fives’ being the maximum adept and ‘ones’ being the least. If you are scouring the internet for components, then primarily based for your talent level this may be the proper area to look for you Samsung Service Point.

Ones. If you are a one then you haven’t any enjoy fixing iPhones, and have no preference to research both! For you, it’s miles better to look for a professional to refurbish your iPhone rather than seeking out character parts. Without self belief or ambition, you can come to be messing your iPhone worse than ever! There are businesses each online and in diverse locations around the u . S . A . Which have a wealth of new and used 2g iPhone elements which may be used to fix your telephone. Look up such organizations on line and then call for an preliminary quote!

Twos. If you fall into the class of a ” you then are completely succesful and inclined to restore the maximum primary of 2g iPhone parts. This might include replacing the sim card tray which simplest involves insertion, or finding a new ejector device for the sim card ejector device, like fastening one out of a paperclip. The key right here is to preserve it low tech and noninvasive. Anything more excessive have to be shipped off to the professionals. As such search for character, unused, elements from direct sellers on respectable enterprise websites.

Threes. Those within the ‘3’ class are ready to tackle some on-line tutorials and perform a little minor iPhone maintenance. These are humans with a few revel in solving other electronics like much less complex mobile telephones or watches, and with the right ambition and as a minimum many of the gear to get the task accomplished. With maximum on line iPhone restoration-it tutorials there’s a problem ranking, so that you are geared up for any repair described as ‘low difficulty.’ When looking for 2g iPhone elements you may use the same direct dealers because the ‘twos’ or attempt to get a better fee by way of searching on public sale fashion websites, or even within the classifieds. Previous electronics revel in will help you keep away from a person who is simply looking to rip-off you with faulty elements.

Fours. Anyone who considers themselves a ‘four’ is a person who has tackled a ‘three’ degree iPhone restore in the past and succeeded. The individual who is a 4 will be geared up for a few extra challenging projects. Good tasks for fours include things like replacing the sim card ejector tool or the LCD, glass and digitizer. A four will have already got a number of the equipment required, and will be capable of use a extensive range of sources to search for 2g iPhone elements including scouring the commercials for those selling their old and broken iPhones for extremely reasonably-priced prices. A 4 will know that are salvageable for parts, and which aren’t.

Fives. Anyone who is a five is probably no longer studying this text! However, in case you are a three inquisitive about turning into a 5, a five commonly has a stash of used iPhones that he or she salvages for components. All the tools required are both on premises or comfortably to be had, inclusive of a soldering iron. A five can look for parts everywhere from direct sellers to public sale websites and classifieds. A 5 might also even provide to at once purchase used iPhones from stressed ones, and give them cash again, knowing the components will are available accessible some day while solving someone else’s iPhone! Presents all the elements to restore your broken iPhone.

Right Strategies For Winning the Powerball

Powerball that’s even called the “America’s recreation” is one of the most popular lottery sport all through the sector. Compared with other games the percentages of winning the Powerball is much decrease however it does provide a far large jackpot. People do say that a lottery sport is a tax on individuals who are terrible in math however the reality is that even in case you aren’t a math genius or a scientist you may improve your possibilities of winning the sport by way of the usage of the proper Powerball prevailing strategies. Here are some recommendations on a way to improve your approaches to choose higher Powerball numbers and mixture 파워볼엔트리.

– Use the “Quick Pick” components to buy your Powerball price tag. This method lets you choose the numbers that have the highest possibilities of hitting the jackpot. This tool tells you the real fact about Powerball odds and will dramatically improve your results.

– The method of the usage of the right Powerball pattern and code is a need to realize step that improves your probabilities of winning the Powerball with the aid of about eighty%. This Powerball gadget helps in knowing the trend and collection of the sport. Using those techniques does improve your chances and opens the gates to wealth and prosperity.

– Knowing the Hot numbers, Cold numbers and Overdue numbers you may optimize the Powerball access. Use these numbers before figuring out the numbers to be picked for the following Powerball draw.

– Use Powerball software and programs for studying the beyond prevailing numbers and chance assessment of numbers which may be selected. Some software program even give you an in depth chart of prevailing numbers which have been calculated primarily based on the sport’s records.

If you’ve got dreamt of prevailing the Powerball, then do now not wager at random which numbers to choose. Learn and use those Powerball techniques for calculating and picking the triumphing Powerball numbers for the next draw.